June 19, 2024

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What is An Automotive Smart Key and How Does It Work?

Automotive keys are an essential component of any vehicle as they provide access to the car and are necessary to start the engine. The importance of automotive keys lies in maintaining the security of the vehicle and preventing unauthorized access.

Today, smart keys have revolutionized the way we access and operate our cars, making the traditional metal keys almost obsolete.

What is a smart car key? 

A smart key is essentially a small electronic device that communicates wirelessly with the car’s onboard computer system. It has an in-built microchip that stores the information needed to unlock and start the car. When the driver approaches the vehicle with the smart key in their pocket or purse, the car’s computer system recognizes the key’s unique code and unlocks the doors automatically.

How does a smart car key work?

  • The technology behind a smart key is quite complex. It uses a combination of radio frequency identification (RFID) and near-field communication (NFC) to communicate with the car’s computer system. The keys emit a signal that is picked up by an antenna located in the car. The car’s computer system then checks the key’s code against its own database to ensure that the correct key is being used. If the code matches, the car unlocks and disarms the alarm system.
  • Once inside the car, the driver simply presses the engine start/stop button, and the car’s computer system uses the same RFID/NFC technology to allow the engine to start. However, the key must be within a certain range of the car to work, usually within a few feet.
  • Additionally, with smart keys, you can also remotely start the engine, adjust the climate control settings, and even open and close the windows and sunroof. They also have a panic button in case of an emergency.

The most prominent advantage of smart keys is security. The unique code stored on the smart key makes it much more difficult for thieves to steal a car. Where traditional metal keys can be easily duplicated, smart keys require specialized equipment and knowledge to copy.

Smart keys at Mtlautokeys.ca offer several advantages over traditional metal keys, including convenience, security, and additional features such as remote start and climate control. As technology continues to advance, it’s likely that smart keys will become even more advanced and common in the automotive industry.