June 19, 2024

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Kinds of Torque Wrenches Used Mostly

It is essential to recognize what a torque wrench is before we talk about the sorts of torque wrenches available in the sector. A torque wrench is used to either tighten up or loosen a bolt, nut or screw, by utilizing the right amount of torque on it. As Newton’s third law states, every activity calls for an equal and contrary reaction, using the high worth of torque, the wrenches would call for a response arm to secure itself at an adjacent point.

The bolt is ideally oiled before beginning the process. This article will speak about the different kinds of torque wrenches with their benefits and drawbacks. While there are several kinds of torque wrenches utilized in the industry, let’s focus on the high newton automated meter capacity torque devices.

  • Hydraulic Torque Wrench

The most commonly utilized torque wrench in the sector, hydraulic torque wrenches are powered by hydraulics utilizing an electrically or pneumatically driven hydraulic pump. It is commonly utilized as it supplies the highest power to weight proportion, i.e., it supplies the largest range of torque and vice versa in proportion to the weight of the device. It is likewise among the most accurate torque result with +/-3% precision. Hence, making hydraulic torque wrenches portable and adaptable for utilization. Hydraulic Torque Wrenches get offered in two kinds; square drive, or external socket needed, as well as straight fit, or hex, drive variations.

  • Pneumatic Torque Wrench

Powered by pressurised air, pneumatically-driven torque wrenches are popular in the vehicle industry. It works fast and offers an accuracy of +/-5%. Nevertheless, pneumatic torque wrenches require continuous high atmospheric pressure which refuses the device to be run at great elevations. Modern pneumatically-driven torque wrenches feature double speed mode to boost efficiency. Fast tightening is possible with the review mode and torque mode utilizes accuracy firm.

Electric Torque Wrench

Unlike hydraulic as well as pneumatic torque wrenches, electrical torque wrenches do not need a pump or pressurised air to power them as it runs on power, and can be straight attached to a power source like an electrical outlet. Supplying a +/-5% accuracy, these devices cannot be utilized in all sectors because of the spark generation possibility which risks its use in eruptive markets, such as gas, oil, petrochemical, as well as mining. Being heavy, as well as having an unbalanced weight includes more to its downsides.

  • Battery Torque Wrench

The most industrialized as well as contemporary torque wrench in commercial bolting, a battery torque wrench utilizes the highest transportability as they operate on a battery and do not require pumps or pressurised air. These torque devices operate a battery positioned at the bottom of the device which supplies a comparable accuracy of +/-5% to electrical and pneumatically-driven torque wrenches.