June 19, 2024

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How Are Scratches Repaired on Cars?

Car scratches can be frustrating to the core, especially when you have a drive coming up to the evening party. No doubt, you will want this ugly headache to disappear at the earliest. If you are a DIY person, you might want to address this issue yourself. Nevertheless, if you want a showroom-finish, the best way is to hire a professional from a place like the CDA paint scratch repair center.

This is the best thing to do since there can be several types of scratches that will need different treatments that only a professional can handle. However, if you are still curious to know how the scratches can differ from one another, then here is a brief description of the major ones. As per the auto mechanics we know from the above-mentioned auto body shop, the scratches we usually see on the car surfaces can be of three types:

  1. i) Clear Coat Scratch, ii) Primer-Level Scratch and iii) Deep-Paint Scratch.

Clear-Coat Scratch

If you have the basic knowledge on car paints, then you will surely know that on the car surface, there will be a very thin layer of paint, which protects the car paint from all the usual environmental damages such as overexposure to the sunlight, dust, acid rain, and storms. If a scratch damages the outer coat of the car paint, then one can repair the scratch without much hard work. In other words, removal of the car scratches that damages only the clear coat layer is the easiest to repair.

Primer Scratch

Primer is another layer of protection that auto manufacturers always add to the bodies of the vehicles they manufacture. This layer of paint gives the car’s body a stunning and shining look. The primer smoothen the car surface. If the scratches on the car surface cut through the clear coat layer and reach the Primer coating, it will eventually ruin the entire car paint, if not treated in time, since it will expose the car metal to environmental damage. It can cause rusting if protective measures are not taken immediately. The repair process for this kind of scratches will need more time and skill. A DIY approach without professional training can further damage the look of your car, giving the paint an uneven finish.

Paint Scratch

When your car suffers from a scratch so severe that the metal sheet becomes visible, know that it is the most difficult one to fix. These kinds of scratches usually take place when the car meets with an accident, a hailstorm exposure, a stone throw, or is brushed by any sharp object, like a key, a shopping cart. Hence, it is strongly recommended you take your car to the professionals alone to repair such scratches at the earliest, or else the damage can spread on wider areas, exposing more areas of the car, allowing rust to form, and henceforth lead to still bigger issues.

The other reason why you should preferably consult a professional from a reputed place like the center of the Coeur d’Alene paint scratch repair is to know whether the damage is beyond an innocent scratch.