July 16, 2024

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What you should know about the 2022 Cruiser Radiance Ultra Lite 21RB?

With an increasing demand for motorhomes, more options are available for people nowadays. Thus, it might be confusing for an individual to know which one would be suitable without knowing certain details.

Most are considering the 2022 Cruiser Radiance Ultra Lite 21RB option over any other. However, you should know about it a bit more before visiting Ankeny Motorhome dealer to book one.

Have a look at this unit in detail and then decide yourself whether you want it!

The cabin

This is an ideal couple’s trailer that is spacious enough to be comfortable anytime. Moreover, it comes with a king-size bed, which can be shifted to the left side or right according to one’s preference.

Moreover, there is a slide-out sofa in the living area for accommodating guests if required. Counter, stools, etc. are also available where one can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, there is a bath in a corner that offers ample privacy.

Dimension and more

The dimension of this unit is well enough to accommodate very largely built people. The length of this trailer is 25 ft and 11 inches. The external height of this unit is 11 ft 1 inch and its internal height is 6 ft 11 inches. Lastly, its external width offered is 8 ft 1 inch. The dimension shows that people of any built can be easily accommodated inside and can be comfortable even for very long rides.

The hitch weight is 702 pounds while cargo weight it can hold is 2324 pounds. The gross weight of this unit is expected to be around 7702 lbs.

Available features

This trailer offers an excellent water capacity. Freshwater capacity is 44 gallons while Grey and Black water capacity are 30 gallons each. Such high holding capacity allows people to use this trailer for long journeys easily without worrying about water scarcity and more.

In addition, the furnace comes with 30,000 BTU, which is more than enough and there are 3 cooktop burners for simultaneous usage. Also, there is a double door refrigerator present, that keeps food good and water or drinks cool when required. Moreover, an electric/gas water heater is available and the storage capacity of heated water is 6 gallons.

One awning is available for this trailer which is equipped with 18” LED lights and there is also a 30-amp electric service. You need to consult RV dealer Ankeny if you are looking to get more details about this trailer.


Its maximum retail price is around $47,526; however, you can get much better deals from certain dealers. Hence, to know the exact price that you need to pay for this unit, it is better to consult a dealer directly. They can explain all details and offer you discounts that make a deal even more lucrative.

So, these are the things you should know about this trailer and if these meet your requirements, contact a dealer immediately. They will help you get the paperwork done at the earliest possible time and aid you in owning one of the best trailers for your RV.